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Friday, October 28, 2005

Isn't this exciting?

I few weeks ago, during a Thursday Three post, (I think), I wrote that I would really like to learn to play the Appalacian dulcimer.

Now I have the chance to learn to play! You see, I'm now the proud owner of a dulcimer, the mailman left it today. Its a surprise present from my Dad, who kept mum about this throughout several recent calls.

Somewhere along the line the instructions fell out, so I have no idea how to tune or play it. But guess what, there's dulcimer instruction books for sale on that internet thingie! Tomorrow I will be making a book and cd/dvd selection and purchase and then I can start making my spouse crazy with my melodious song efforts!

Thanks Dad! The BSU says thanks too, though I think she didn't mean it just the same way...

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